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only one registre per ip address

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  • only one registre per ip address

    how can i make it so that only one user registers per ip address?
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    There is currently no functionality in vBulletin to do this, sorry.


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      Originally posted by Floris View Post
      There is currently no functionality in vBulletin to do this, sorry.
      No way! omg.
      all you need to do is get the ip addres from the database and do something like this:

      PHP Code:
      $VBipaddress =  $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];

      $UserIP mysql_query("SELECT VBIp FROM VB_Users WHERE VB_Ip = '$VBipaddress' LIMIT 1")or die(mysql_error()); // the querry
      if (mysql_num_rows($UserIP)){$VBError "This ip address has already been used to register";}
      if (!
      mysql_num_rows($UserIP)){ //continue to register 
      Where can I locate ipaddress in the databse?
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        I am sorry but we can not provide support for customizations to the source code.

        Here's our API : I hope that helps you with your customization.

        I also believe the functionality is not there for obvious reasons. There are companies, educational systems, governments, and whole countries sharing an IP or IP range. Limited one account per such instance will drastically limit the use for them.


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          and also there are isp's which will provide you with a dynamic ip address which would mean you can always get to register more than one account if this is the idea and on the other hand you could be limiting a legitimate user from registering if someone already registered with the same ip address, like Floris just said.


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            The chance of getting a dynamic ip address from a user that has already register is:

            255*255*255*255/(no of user) assume number of users = 10,000
            = 1 chance in a 500,000! (thats fairly low)
            (thats assuming 10,000 users, and im happy with a chance in 1,000)

            Also, networks assign different ip address in a range usually changing the last number for the range, so people on the same network do not get the same ip.

            For instance I am on a network and my last number ends in .69, but my neighbours ip end .68. So people on the same network should not get assigned the same IP address

            I actually dont want to change the code, but I am intergrating vbulletin registrtation with another product(using the vbulletin data manager), I have prevented multiple sign ups with the 2nd product , but i need to locate the stored ip address to prevent multiple sign ups via this method with vbulletin (otherwise they will register on vbull as a type of user that has the prduct on vbull, but not have the product)
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              Makes no sense in my eyes and sounds very unsafe.

              You can try the "Modification Request" Forum at for your question.
              Maybe a coder has time to create what you want.


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                already done it (for a certain type of user), cant see why you would think this was unsafe
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                  Originally posted by mikep View Post
                  255*255*255*255/(no of user) assume number of users = 10,000
                  = 1 chance in a 500,000! (thats fairly low)
                  (thats assuming 10,000 users, and im happy with a chance in 1,000)
                  This isn't exactly true. ISPs are assigned blocks of IP address. Some of those are full blocks, some are subnets (e.g. 255.255.*.*) with lower allocation. For example AOL has 12 public IP blocks for their millions of dial-up customers. An AOL user can have a different IP address on every page view of your site in a single visit. It is quite easy for two of them to share an IP address while registering.

                  Not only that but what about businesses? They usually have one public IP address. There could be hundreds of employees on the other side of that firewall with an interest in your site. Even on a small home network, you can have conflicts. I share some interests with my wife and we visit some sites that are similar. She uses her computer and I use mine. They both have the same IP address as far as the remote computer is concerned, as do the other 4 PCs in my house. We don't share email, IM accounts or even phone numbers, we're not going to share a forum account. Just some separation so we can have a little privacy if we need it.

                  IP collision will happen on your site. Only 4 Billion IPv4 addresses in existance and they are fast running out. Maybe when IPv6 actually gets implemented around the world, then each individual device could have its own IP address.
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                    I know from experience that blocking one AOL user can result in many other AOL using members not being able to access the site. I even blocked 2 of my mods. Mind that they got a message that they where banned.
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                      This sounds like a very bad idea to me.

                      As someone noted, some places can have 1000's of users on one IP, such as businesses and universities.


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                        Since installing the Multiple Login Detector mod, I can tell you from personal experience many families seem to use each other's computers.

                        So it's a Really Bad Idea to ban someone from registering (or posting) from the same IP addy as someone else.


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                          This could be a problem in the future for your site.

                          DSL users IPs are changed regularly so its not unheard of for multiple people with in a area to have the same IP.
                          They won't have it at the same time but if a person registers under an IP and a week later their IP will rotate and another person will have it and you just blocked that person from joining your site.


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