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Upgrading from V2.2.5 to V3.6.7

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  • Upgrading from V2.2.5 to V3.6.7

    I just purchased the upgrade. In the readme file it says the existing installation must be 2.2.9 or higher to upgrade. I am running 2.2.5.

    Any advice, suggestions, workarounds, warnings, tricks, premonitions?

    Thanks, FH454

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    If you purchased the upgrade we will upgrade vBulletin for you. 2.2.5 is fine. We will simply upgrade it to 2.3.x first, before going to 3.6.7pl1.


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      OK, good deal

      I purchased V3.6.7, Transaction ID: 12543853, self installation

      How do I get the V2.2.X upgrade and associated upgrade instructions for self installation?

      Thanks, FH454


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        If you did not buy the installation or the upgrade service, then you can install it yourself, or upgrade yourself.

        If you already have a vBulletin forum and need to upgrade this are your instructions:

        Follow the vBulletin upgrade instructions for vBulletin 2.3.11
        They are

        Once you're upgraded to 2.3.11 you can follow the upgrade instructions for vBulletin 3.6.7pl1
        They are here:


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          OK, I read the instruction on the link you posted,

          The first step is
          "Upload all the files except install.php"
          Upload from where? Does it mean Upload files from the V3.6.7 package (unzipped) I purchased this morning?
          Or is there another upgrade/installation package I need to download from VB?

          The second step is
          "Load up the following web pages in your web browser"
          I assume the pages listed are in the upload from step 1. Is this correct?

          Thanks, FH454


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            You have to download the 2.3.11 version from here. Upgrade to that version then you can upload your 3.6.7 pl files then upgrade to 3.6.7. But you need to upgrade to version 2.3.11 first.


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              To download an older version, click the "More Download Options" radio button in the Member's Area.
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