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cannot log in to main board or admincp - sort of

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  • cannot log in to main board or admincp - sort of

    am setting up a forum to run on 3.6.7 - currently running on an older version [3.5.4]

    uploaded the software and logging into admincp is odd

    if i log in with username and password it accepts it and then takes me back to the username and password screen

    if i click options and tick the box shown it lets me in


    That was true until i started to post this - just gone to the board and tried to log in - is currently off line

    typed in my admin username and password - - it thanked me for logging in and then took me back to the login screen

    so i cannot get in at all

    looks like another upload is needed - but before i do that - am i doing something stupid

    read somewhere else about using an upgrade from 3.5 to 3.6 - that would be easier - but would i lose all my styles and customisation



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    Before we continue, what are you doing?

    Are you running 3.5.x live
    And installed in a different database 3.6.7pl1 aside of 3.5?

    Or did you install 3.6 on top of the 3.5 database, possibly overwriting existing database tables/fields/rows?

    Yes, going from 3.5 to 3.6 will loose most plugins, all source code changes, and certainly the style modifications (you have to make a new style besides your old one and re-apply the customizations).


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      thanks for the reply Floris

      i have a current board - its running 3.5.4 - that is running and happy - has style changes and a very few plugins

      want to upgrade thet to 3.6.7 in time

      installed a new copy of 3.6.7 and created its own database, so it has no link back to the old board - installed Impex and inported what i could from the old board

      everytime i logged into cp on the 'test' board it took me round a loop until i clicked the tick box that appeared when i clicked 'options'

      cannot quote what it says as i am now locked out all together

      the problems with the cp was last night - before i shut down last night i turned the bord off in cp - there are two accounts - both mine - one admin - one registered user - this morning i went to the test board to log in as admin - it accepted my username and pasword - well it said it did but just went round a loop saying the board was closed and i should log in

      so to repeat - there is one working board - and one test board - they are not connected apart from they are both on the same server



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        In the 3.6.7pl1 config file, set the cookie prefix to vb instead of bb
        this way the two stored cookies are different. and perhaps apply a cookie path in the admincp > vboptions > site url details.


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          thanks - that got me straight into the board and adminCP

          is that something new - have run a test board before parallel to a running board and never needed to do that


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            I remember this being in 3.5, but yes, certainly 3.6


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              again thanks -


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