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Random Player Banning/ Post Modified automatically

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  • Random Player Banning/ Post Modified automatically

    I am currently using a leased ver. 3.6.5

    Our members are getting randomly banned for no apperant reasons. No ERROR msgs are being displayed at all.

    At least 2-3 times per day I have to go into the CP, bring up the banned list and individually lift the ban for about 10-15 ppl who have not been banned by anyone on my Staff.

    What is wrong, I have never had this problem and all of a sudden it started. I see a newer version of vb available, is this a bug fix for this problem? I don't want to update and maybe cause further problems.

    Also, some of our posts are being moderated automatically now too. I assure you, no one on my Staff is doing these things, in fact, only me and my next in command has the perms to even access the CP.

    Can anyone help me pls.

    Thanks in advance,



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    Do you have any custom usergroups? Are these set "this is a banned usergroup" to yes or no?

    Do you run any promotions?

    Do you have the hook system turned on? Any products/plugins installed?


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      Thank Floris,

      nope, all is set properly. The only usergroup that is selected "NO" is the Banned Usergroup and that's the way it should be for my application.

      No Promotions, The Hook system is set you YES, should I set it to NO and see if these 16 or so ppl still are getting banned? I have just recently taken over this forum as Admin. Yes, there are some Mod's installed but all has worked fine until recent days. If you wish, I can email you with my ID and Pass for Admin clearence if you wish to take a look. Thanks alot, I do appreciate the help. I can also supply you with the registration number and my email since I am the person who leased this product. You will have record of that.

      Thanks again
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        Setting the hook to no won't reset the banned users. My question is if you set this to no are there any new ones getting add to this list that shouldn't?


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          nope. seems to be the same 16 ppl. Should I set the hook to NO or not Floris? My ppl are going nuts. BTW, updated to latest version, still no help with this bug. No one on my forum has a ban on them.

          If you wish, here is my forums: enter the CP and check it out. If you need anything to do so ask but being a leased version I am sure you have a back door.



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            Yes, set it to no and see if this fixes the problem. This way we can debug if this might be caused by an installed plugin or something else.

            And no, we do not have a backdoor. We have no way to get access to your database, ftp, admin account or otherwise.


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