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Images on posts not displaying in Firefox?

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  • Images on posts not displaying in Firefox?

    Anyone else experience this? Instead of seeing the image I only see the file name and size (basically the same info you would see if you hovered over the image.)

    The same post displays on the same computer fine in IE.

    Is there a firefox setting I need to check or something?

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    Can you reproduce this issue? If so, perhaps provide a link for me to test? Does this only occur on your account, or do other users on the site also report this? Which version of vB are you running?


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      It is not a public forum, just internal to our company. As far as I know- I am the only one who has Firefox and IE installed.

      I have more info since I posted though- I also have firefox on my laptop and it displays the post correctly. So it is definitely a firefox issue. Specifically- a firefox issue on my desktop firefox install issue.



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        In that case I can't fully provide support. Sorry. I require more info to trace it back and debug. Could you check the server error logs and see if any broken images are reported in the error_log files? If none, then it's a browser issue, perhaps due to customized styles. Not properly utilizing the way images are displayed.


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