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  • Place User Login Info on Left?

    I am working on customizing a forum for someone. This person belongs to another VBulletin community where the logged in user information displays on the left. I have not seen, not a member of the group. So, I am not sure completly what this looks like. Is this an easy mod? I tried to search, but had no luck.

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    Admin Control Panel > vBulletin Options > vBulletin Options > Style & language settings > Use Legacy (Vertical) Postbit Template > YES.


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      How will doing this affect the rest of the mods I did on the Main CSS? Since I can't really see what he is looking at, I don't know what else will change too.

      I don't believe he is aware that it is a legacy thing and not a style choice versus one side or the other, so I want to make sure before I do it, to tell him what may change as a result.


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        CSS is global, and applies to each template that uses these global classes. postbit or postbit_template doesn't matter.

        If you change the postbit template and choose to use postbit_legacy you then use the legacy one, and the customizations to postbit template are not being used of course.


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          It's called legacy because that's how vBulletin 2 looked. But thousands of vBulletin forums use it (including mine).

          All it actually does is display the postbit_legacy template in every place that the postbit template would normally be displayed, so make sure you're editing the right template.