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    I am trying to use the poll function of the forum software for readers of our magazine to vote on the move of the day in games of backgammon against a top pro.

    If a reader is logged in, and goes to the poll he or she can see the various moves listed (as options) to choose from and votes on the move they believe is best - this is fine.

    However, if the reader is not logged in and goes to the poll, he or she can see the current tally of the voting and might be influenced by this in making their decision when they do log in and vote.

    I found that in Forum Permissions in the Admin I can specify that the forum not be visible to those not logged in and thus a reader cannot see the current status of the poll's votes if he is not logged in. But I think this could be confusing to a reader as he might think he is logged in and cannot find the forum and thread with the poll and leave.

    Can we make a poll whose current results are not visible at all?

    And thus those logged in are not influenced by the current tally.

    Less important would be that others (not registered yet or not logged in) when attempting to vote, would told they are not logged in or should register.

    I could not find how to do this when setting up a poll nor in the forum admin.

    I have made a sample test position and poll here:

    Thank you for any help.

    Michael Strato
    Editor -

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    Anyone who is logged in can see view results before posting or voting as well. You could remove the link, but anyone who has used the software will be able to determin how to view the same page.


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      Hi Zachary,

      I thought that if I am logged in and have not voted I see only the choice to vote from, but you're right, now I see the link in the poll that says "View Poll Results".

      Is there a way to completely hide the results?

      Thanks for your help.



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        Completly? No I don't believe so.


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          Okay, thanks Zach.




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