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Images not displaying in feed created by vB

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  • Images not displaying in feed created by vB

    One of my feeds generated by vB is here:

    If you look at the <content:encoded> sections, you'll see there is an image that appears above each portion of text.

    However, when I use any type of reader to view the feed, the image is not displayed (i guess since it's not in its own <image> tag?)

    How can I rectify this?

    BTW, the items in the EXTERNAL FEED LINK above are items that are posted to my vB using vB RSS bot (essentially, I'm trying to aggregate several of my member's feeds into ONE feed).

    Here's what I'm doing:

    In the vB Admin CP, when I add a new feed to RSS manager, in BODY TEMPLATE, I add this code:

    PHP Code:
    <IMG SRC="">
    A HREF={rss:link}>...continued</A
    I manually add a specific image per feed. This is so a specific image is always associated with posts from a particular feed.

    It results in posts that look like this (which is what I want):

    BUT, the image is not in it's own tag, so it's not showing up in feed readers.

    I know I'll have to get an outside coder to actually do what I'm about to ask, but I want to know if it's possible...

    In AdminCP, under templates, can another FIELD called IMAGE be added (in addition to TEXT and BODY) that contains the html for the image associated with each feed?

    Would that Field then become part of the RSS feed generated by vB? ( <image> )

    (I'm thinking that would solve my problem...or am I crazy?)
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    You should try using bbcode, unless you are posting these feeds as announcements.