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Quick Reply broken after upgrade to 3.6.7 PL1

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  • Quick Reply broken after upgrade to 3.6.7 PL1

    Hi guys,

    I just upgraded to 3.6.7 PL1 and my quick reply is broken. I upgraded because we were previously having duplicate post errors when the quick reply was used.

    Now, quick reply doesn't work at all. I can type a message in the window, but the page comes up blank.

    BUT!! The message does get posted. It's actually posted TWICE!

    Anyone else run into this problem?

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    Okay, this is a bigger problem than I thought. It's NOT limited to quick reply. After the upgrade, ALL of my replies are duplicated. This is bad news.


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      It appears that anytime I create a reply, the page will go to a blank screen and not show me the reply.


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        Found some data on this and I fixed the problem. Hope someone benefits from this research.

        There are a number of ways a blank page can be produced. In my case, I upgraded to 3.6.7 PL1 and it broke one of my plug-ins. I ended up disabling the plug in system all together. Why is it there if it only breaks on upgrades?

        Anyway, no more plug ins, but, users can post no problem.


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          Does anyone know how to get around this problem and allow plug-ins? I need the plug-ins to run vbPortal.

          -- MIke


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            My QP and QE are not working after my upgrade to 3.6.7. When I click on these buttons, nothing happens. The only thing I can do is use the original repy button, wich works well.

            Any suggestions?
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              Do both of you use the original files and templates?


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                I fixed it

                Just had to revert my templates.
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                  This sounds like template issues for the original poster or its just one plugin u should disable your plugins one by one and see which is causing it.


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                    This was a problem with not enough memory allocation in my PHP.INI file. While I attempted to change my PHP.INI file, the system never took the new value.

                    After I upgraded PHP, the system now takes the new memory limit values from PHP.INI. I believe this problem was due to a bug in my old version of PHP.

                    If anyone is having troubles like this, make sure your memory_limit value in PHP.INI is set to at least 16M. I went to 32M. You can check to make sure the value is set properly by using the "PHP Info" option in your Admin control panel. If it's set to 8M (default), you might be having troubles with your vBulletin system as a result.


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