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phrasing user names

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  • BWJ
    jluerken - Thank you for your suggestion...

    Hmm how about the following:

    1) Let the different products have their own username

    2) Assign the different "user" to different languages groups - so

    Product A = English Group
    Produkt A = German Group

    3) Then make a conditional for the member list determined by the different language group. So when german language is chosen then only the German Group will be displayed....

    4) phrase the custom fields

    How about this?

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  • jluerken
    ...but you can do the following:

    Create additional userfields and enter the names in there.

    field10: product (english)
    field11: produkt (german)

    Edit the user profile page and the postbit templates and remove the username field there.

    Add a conditional to choose the correct name, for example
    if userlanguage is english then show field10.

    Its a little bit of work but it should bring the wished result

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  • Floris
    No, you can't phrase usernames.

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  • BWJ
    started a topic phrasing user names

    phrasing user names

    I am about to make a webpage for a company - and thought of using the member profiles (user names) as the company's product names.

    I would like to run multiple languages. What I would like to ask:

    1) If possible - how do I phrase the user names so the "user name" PRODUCTA (if english language is chosen) would be ProduktA (if german language is chosen)?

    2) Alternatively, is it possible only to show specific user names contioned by the chosen language?

    3) Or is there a better solution?

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