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  • Having problems..Need help ASAP

    I am having a problem with a banned member. He keeps returning and causing problems on the forums. Tracking him down and rebanning him isnt an issue...

    The problem is, some how he is getting access into my mod section, which is suppose to be hidden from public view exclusive only to mods on the site. I really dont have an idea how this is possible.

    I have found out that he happens to know one of the people who help develop some of the vbulletin code. Some how all he needs is registered access to the forums and then he can some how get into our other sections.

    How can I prevent this from happening? Any settings that I can check, that maybe letting him in? Are there any legal actions I can take? I know where he lives and such for that.


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    Well I had that problem but not anymore. There are two mods you can get from which tells you if he is trying to register again and it automatically stops him and bans him for good.
    As to the part about getting in places where he shouldn't, there is an option that you have to choose "no" to in your user group options which can make any member join another group even moderatos. Problem is my forums are in Arabic so I can't give you the exact location.
    Don't worry. Help here is very good. Just wait and see.


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      ok I think it's this option in your user group options but do it only in moderators and Admins because if you do it for registered users, no one will be able to register in your forum.
      ((Allow Users to have Member Groups)) make it ( no )

      Hope I am not wrong but I read this somewhere. Steve please don't get mad. I am just trying to help. If I am wrong just delet it.