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  • Andy Huang
    COPPA starts off in the same pending approval group as those that are waiting for e-mail validation. Their parent are suppose to fax in a form allowing them to make posts on your forum (at which point, it acts like a waiver to allow them to make use of your forum in any way they want). Once you receive that fax on your firm, you can approve them, they will be placed into the same group as everyone else and can make posts just like everyone else. Moderators can, of course, unapprove/delete their posts, but as to what gets posted, that's really their own responsibility (and if their parent feels unsafe, their parents should be there with them while they make the posts).

    Please note that the above (and pretty much nothing) will not protect against kids who put in a fake age to register to circumvent the limitations you may wish to put in on them...

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  • Dabbler
    started a topic COPPA Moderation is done by...

    COPPA Moderation is done by...

    ... the parent or the moderator??

    And if the latter, is there anyway to have the parent approve each of the child's posts (without manual intervention by a Mod or an Admin)?

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