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Internet Explorer inconsistent page loads

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  • Tiger Shark
    started a topic Internet Explorer inconsistent page loads

    Internet Explorer inconsistent page loads

    I have recently installed VB and the only "customization" I have done at this point is to center the header image though this issue is the same whether I use the "customized" code or the original code that came with VB, (ie: I use the "revert" feature on the header).

    Basically everything works just fine in Mozilla Firefox but whenever I try to use IE 6 to view the page from any computer the page load is inconsistent. Sometimes the entire page loads all the way down to the "Copyright - Jelsoft...." lines though this is usually after a few "refreshes" of the page. Usually only significant blocks of the page load and how far down the page it loads is quite random. Normally, if it starts to display a section then it will complete that section but fail to load the remaining sections though there are occasions, (maybe 5% of the time), where there will be a random piece of the code printed on the page and the page stops loading at that point.

    The fact that it loads to the end of the page at some point if I keep refreshing it indicates that it isn't a browser setting that prevents it and the fact that it functions flawlessly in Firefox indicates it isn't a server issue.

    NOTE: If I get it to display the entire page and then hit refresh I am highly likely to have another partial page load - IOW, it's not just that I need to get the entire page loaded and it's "stuttering" before it all gets loaded, it's simply a random amount of the page runs before it decides to stop rendering the code no matter how much of the page has loaded before...

    Any clues...

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