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    Is there a way for me to make it so that if enough members "quote unquote" vote to have a member banned... it changes the primary usergroup of said member to the Banned Usergroup or another of my choosing...

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    I'm confused. Are you asking if there's a feature that allows members to vote on banning a member, and if there are enough votes in favor of the ban, it would automatically ban him/her, and change their member status?



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      You can use the User Reputation system in combination with the Promotions system to automatically ban memners that received a certain level of negative reputation.
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        well, i'm playing with the infraction system right now... but the only option is to ban them... so i've given registered users and an upgraded users account (which they attain by making it to 1000 posts) with the ability to hand out infractions... *registered users are banned for x amount of time after receiving 12 infractions... then the *upgraded account after receiving 24... we'll see how it goes?

        I don't really want to rely on the reputation system as I have regular posters who prefer to be in the red etc...

        I'm gonna see how the infraction system plays out... and see if it can be tweaked... really just looking for a way to automate dealing with troublesome users... the only complaints I ever receive are about other members... and I don't like having to play Judge Judy...