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Got hacked after upraded to 3.6.7PL1

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  • Got hacked after upraded to 3.6.7PL1

    Hi all,

    My site get hacked after upgrade to version 3.6.7PL1, I took back control then 2 minutes later got hacked again ... they keep doing that like 10 times yesterday (06/08/07) Question is there any impact to sucurity from version 3.6.4 to version 3.6.7PL1 ? how do I trace which way they come in and hack the site.
    is there anyway I can go back to older version like 3.6.4 ?

    please help
    Same as last time but different

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    3.6.7PL1 is MORE secure than 3.6.4. Are you sure you upgraded correctly and have uploade all the 3.6.7PL1 files? Also are you running any add-ons?

    Please see this thread on how to make your vBulletin more secure:

    If you are still being hacked after doing all of this, then they are most likely doing this by accessing your server. You need to contact your host about this.
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      I used only 2 add ons which are "members who is visited forum today" and the top 10 " X-stats"
      I did upload the .htaccess file and .htpasswd to my domain but everytime I access to the site. it keep asking user + passwd
      Same as last time but different


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        That's exactly the point .. it adds an extra security layer to your board. Do not use the same user/pass as you do for the forums of course. And give each admin and super mod their own user/pass for the admincp and modcp.


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          so your advice is make 2 user name for each admin. 1 can only access to admin w/ limited permissions and second one is can be login w/ superAdmin ?
          I did turn off the add-ons on my board .. will see if still get hacked
          Same as last time but different


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            Have you ever updated the Top-X-Stats ?

            It had a big security hole in it that was discovered around August last year. I think a patched version was released.
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