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Win2k 401.3 Access denied due to ACL on resource error

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  • Tiger Shark
    I figure there has to be someone with their own Windows/IIS server that has met this issue and can give me a clue...

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  • Floris
    This really sounds like a host issue, rather then a vB issue. Not sure what to tell you.

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  • Win2k 401.3 Access denied due to ACL on resource error

    Ok... I've been here, there and everywhere on google, here and

    My installation runs beautifully with a login as administrator, (admin from now on), and I'm very happy... However, I don't want my users to be presented with the Windows authentication screen before they can see the index.php page when I put the thing out publicly.

    Easy methinks, allow anonymous access and remove the "Integrated Windows Authentication" Checkbox and I'll be in business... Even after a restart of the server, (Yes, it's my server so please don't tell me to call my provider... ), though the login box is gone I get the error as shown in the message title.

    Ahhh methinks... Need to allow IUSER_MYSERVER access to the PHP folder and subfolders... Do it... No change...

    Even though the permissions are appropriate in both locations I copy php.cfg to c:\winnt, and the php(whatever)5(whatever).dll to c:\winnt\system32... Restart... no joy...

    It has to be a permissions issue since I can retrieve a non-.php file from the same folder as the VBulletin install anonymously. I can't find anywhere else that I need to allow IUSER access to and want the server to be tight so allowing access all over until I get the "right one" is not what I want to do.

    I'm technically adept with total control of my server... I just need someone to help me track down this little bugger and fix it... Any offers?

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