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Ranks and Titles by custom field values

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  • Ranks and Titles by custom field values

    The website I am running is run by donations for a game.

    I'd like to add to parts to the postbit_legacy area, based on fields, if it the built in rank/title can't be changed to look at a value other than postcount.

    Here are the exact details:

    For one parameter (custom field), it would be how much they have donated to the site, and would get dollar sign "stars" in their postbit based on the number in the custom field (which is edited by admin only)

    Second parameter (custom field) would be the same thing, except with a different icon for amount of game participation and forum help they have given, along with adding an additional custom title. (again, edited by admin only). We all know postcount != forum help

    Both of these fields would be a numeric value to calculate the rank, or bracket the title.

    I found part of my answer at this link:

    But it covers a static profile field. I guess I might need to visit vborg for the answer on this, but am hoping to get it here. I guess the base question is if I use the above post for a template, is there a way I can eval the value (numerically) of the custom field to decide which icon to display?

    I do not understand the functionality of "condition" on "If Condition=xxx"

    All help would be appreciated! I am familiar with PHP, but don't want to make any changes that would hurt the upgrade process, so am looking for an official method first.

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    This will require modification to your site.

    For modification support, advice and assistance, please visit
    Kerry-Anne :)

    Twitter Blog


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