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    I have noticed that when in the admin options, I close the forum, that I get a banner at the top that tells me the forum is off.

    That is fine, that is what I expect. What I am concerned about is it seems that members can still login & read the forums while I have it turned off.

    I thought that once I switched it off, that all members on the forum were booted as well as anybody logging on, would only see the forum off message.

    How can someone browse the forum when it is off?

    Please advise.

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    Nope, members can not login and read and whatever. They get "sorry, the forums are now closed". The only one who has access is you as admin.

    What you can do to confirm this is login as a member or browse as a guest.


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      Yeps, I had the same concerns when I began with my forum - I'd see that members were still able to view forum content...
      What I realised, is that these members had began viewing a page prior to me shutting the forum off - and as the page does not auto-refresh, i.e. static content, then yes they are still able to view that one single page for as long as is required to finish reading it. Only once they navigate away, e.g. to forumhome or 'next thread', etc. do they see the error message.
      This is reflected on the 'who's online' page too. If they've been static for a good 10mins, then no error message appears by their name. But once they try to access other content, an error message will be displayed.

      As above, I'd suggest using a second browser and ensure it's not logged in - then you'll see the error /closed page. Additionally, you can set up a dummy account (as a normal member) to confirm that normal members cannot view content while the board is off.

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        We created a "test user", whose usergroup and capabilities we can edit at-will. That comes in VERY handy when checking forum security and related stuff.