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  • Question about Moderator Control Panel

    Hi everyone,

    I am just installing VBulletin, and going to transfer a phpBB over to it shortly. I have a question

    In the Moderators Control panel they see

    Quick Moderator Links

    Server Load Averages
    PHP Function Lookup
    My Sql Language Lookup.

    In the Admin Control Panel I see

    Quick Administrator Links

    PHP Function Lookup
    My SQL language lookup

    There is no link to show server load averages for Admin

    I would like to remove those options from the Mod control panel, they know nothing about SQL nor PHP , I dont want them submitting information into those boxes... Is there a way to remove that, so all they have there is the "Quick user lookup"

    Why is the server load info not shown in the Admin Control panel, is there a way to show that there?



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    Load averages should show up in the AdminCP automatically. The blank line is where they would be. Make sure that PHP has permission to run exec() and that you're on a linux/unix server. uptime doesn't work on a Windows server. Not sure about Macintosh servers. However, if it works in the modcp and not the admincp, make sure all your files are uploaded properly and in ASCII format.

    To remove the lookup boxes, you would need to modify index.php in the modcp directory. There is no support for this. However, it will probably be very rare that a moderator needs to go into the modcp. Almost all the functionality has been moved to the front-end. Even if they did, the lookups are simply search boxes for the PHP and MySQL documentation so they can't harm anything. Doesn't even open a new window.
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      Thankyou for the reply. There is no missing line. Ive attached what Im seeing..

      Those load averages did show up in AdminCP but when I upgraded to 3.6.6 they are no longer there and only show in the Mod CP.

      Is there a way I can have the load averages in the Admin CP as well, or instead?

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        I've got exactly the same problem.

        Upgraded my test forum first, no load averages in Admincp

        Did my live forum today and same thing - load averages in Modcp but not Admincp.


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          I'm also experiencing the same problem - load averages in mod control panel but not admin control panel. Could this be a bug?


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