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  • http://localhost/removecookies

    I'm getting redirected to this url if i try to add to reputation. same things happen if i paste a pic under the WYSIWYG mode. I know it's probably NOT from vB, but anyone knows how to get pass this?

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    This isn't something that the default vB would do. Have you installed any modifications?
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      hmm.. i have made some adjustments to the design ad installed plugins.. such as vBpager.. could it be from that? I know i didn't had any problems a while ago, but i'm not sure since the vBpager addition..


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        huge huge problem. i reverted all my templates so they are now all up-to-date. the posting works great, i can add to reputation, the table width problem was cleared. But, when i try to edit a template (i have to add some links on the forumhome) i get that error again. now it won't allow me to edit anything! i even disabled all the plugins and products and it still gives me that creepy error


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          Admin CP > Styles & Templates > Download / Upload Styles > Import Style XML File >

          Title for Uploaded Style: --
          (Leave blank to use the style title specified in the style file) 
          Parent Style: No Parent Style 
          Display Order: ? 
          Allow User Selection: Yes 
          Click: Import

          See if you are getting errors with that style and make sure you disable all plugins.
          Disable the plugin/hook system globally

          If this is your site, then you must another style hidden from guest view.


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            what's the xml file i should import? i don't have it on my pc or on the server either. Also, in the Merge Into Style field, do i have to merge it with one of the old styles or just let it create a new one?


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              Just do everything under this 'Note', it is the second part:
              The following options apply only if you are creating a new style, rather than overwriting an existing style


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                Yes, that is my site, what must i?

                I left all the fields as they were and under the note i did everything you said. When i clicked Import, i got this pop-up:
                You did not specify a file to upload, so vBulletin will attempt to import the file


                from the server's file system

                Are you sure?

                If i click ok, i won't solve anything because i don't have an ./install folder on the server anymore


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                  Well, that not good.. I guess you could upload those files, not including install.php.

                  I just rename and .htaccess that folder instead.
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                    disabled the plugins and imported the xml file.. no change.. the error persists whenever i try to save anything on the templates


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                      vB Pager is still working?

                      Did you disable using this method.
                      Disable the plugin/hook system globally


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                        yes, the vBpager is disabled from the plugin list, from the vbulletin options and besides that i disabled the plugin system globally
                        later edit
                        i also uninstalled the vb pager plugin, and the vbrewrite one (which was never enebled in the first place)
                        the only two plugins existing are users of the day and force profile update - which are enabled, but the globally plugin system is still turned off
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                          i found this on another forum (same problem, different software)

                          should i contact my hosting support or i can do this by myself?

                          Later edit.
                          It worked!!
                          i googled and found the following solution: enter the following lines in .htaccess to disable mod_security:

                          SecFilterEngine Off
                          SecFilterScanPOST Off

                          save and everything will work great!
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