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Please help me fist time to upgrade

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  • Please help me fist time to upgrade

    Please Im using version 3.6.5 just almost one month the new upgrade

    Release actually i don't know where to up load the upgrade file someone

    Ask me to load it to public html and then will run the installation process

    But each time i did the installation for old version 3.6.5 is started if the new

    Upgrade file will be loaded to public html should i delete all the file inside it

    Or what should i do please

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    Don't listen to advice from people who aren't trained or don't know what they're talking about. Obviously you should not run install, this will INSTALL and not upgrade. Upgrade however, will actually upgrade your forum.

    Before you upgrade, always make a backup.

    Summery of procedure:

    * Close your public forums.

    * back up your database and your files.

    * Download of 3.6.6

    * Unpack it on your hard drive.

    * Upload the 3.6.6 files, overwriting the old files, to your web site.
    if you have a public_html/ directory where currently the files are, then browse into this directory first. Sometimes this dir is also called www/ or mainsite/

    * Once uploaded, go to the browser, and load your site, but instead of index.php enter install/upgrade.php


    * Once upgraded, test your forum if it works, and then open it again.

    manual : > upgrade instructions


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      If IM new to the Vbulletin world how can i fimd out the
      the old files, to me web site.
      can you give me more gauid line please


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        I can't IM you, sorry. This forum or a support ticket is where I can help.
        The guidelines are on the manual I posted in my earlier post reply.


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          The "old" files will be on your server in whichever directory you have installed them.
          Want to take your board beyond the standard vBulletin features?
          Visit the official Member to Member support site for vBulletin Modifications:


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            And, if the upgrade dont work......i will have to restore not only the data base also the files. Is it right?


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