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I dont want new posts in one of mye subforums to be apear at "New post"

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  • I dont want new posts in one of mye subforums to be apear at "New post"

    I have a subforum that takes RSS feed from another forum, and I dont want that to apear at "New posts" is that possibel??

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    Do you have the sub forum options set to No for 'Index new posts in search engine'?

    If this is set to No, posts made in this forum from this point on will not be indexed by the search engine. Such posts will not able to be searched for. This is desirable if you have a "Testing" type forum, or a forum that is chit-chat that you don't want indexed.

    Hopefully this also applies to &getnew. I do not have a test forum at this point to check for this.


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      This still doesent do it...
      Still apears on new posts...


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        Then open the navbar template, find the getnew phrase in the new posts link and behind it add &exclude=5,12
        this will exclude the forums with id 5 and 12.
        Of course, replace the numbers with your subforum(s).

        <td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="search.php?$session[sessionurl]do=getnew" accesskey="2">$vbphrase[new_posts_nav]</a></td>


        <td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="search.php?$session[sessionurl]do=getnew&amp;exclude=5,12" accesskey="2">$vbphrase[new_posts_nav]</a></td>


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          Still does not work for me.


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            Then I am sorry, i do not know.


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              Adding &exclude=x,y,z to the end of the search url's listed below in the navbar template will stop the searches from returning any results in the forums x,y and z. Replace x,y,z with the forum id numbers for the forums you wish to exclude.

              The strings in the navbar template to add this to the end of are




              These appear more than once in the template, so if you wish the forums to be totally excluded then you will need to add this to each instance of the urls


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                tks Floris and peterska2 for all instructions
                joao barroca
                aka beduino
                Community vBulletin Brasil & Portugal


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