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  • A Million Questions!!!

    I have a forum already web page I pay from Yah** now I'm trying to change to vBulletin but I know nothing about php, mySQL servers, database or is my questions

    1. Can I just use vBulletin to replace my old forum without me having my personal computer be a "server"?

    2. Do I have to use a personal computer to make that a server and then run the whole forum through that computer?

    3. Isn't yah** my web server?

    4. can you guys look at my old forum and tell me what I have to do? (ask me for my link...or can I put it here to see if you guys can help?)

    5. by creating a phpmyadmin with yah** does that make my computer the server or are they the server?

    6. I dont want to be a server, do I have to be to run vBulletin?

    I know you guys are probably gonna be frustrated by me asking all this but I thought it would be as easy as the other forum...sorry and thank you to all of you that actually help!

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    Hey, you tricked me! Those are not a million questions

    Let's walk through them one by one.

    1. Yes, you can use vBulletin on any hosting solution. This can be your own web server you host at home. Or a shared / dedicated online hosting solution. Or even an intranet. sells the forum software. You can find affordable hosting solutions for vBulletin all over the web. As long as it has a web server with PHP and MySQL.

    2. No, you do not have to host it at home on your own computer. A shared hosting solution (for small to medium forums) or a dedicated solution (for growing big forums) can be used for vBulletin. Your hosting provider will then take care of the computer while you take care of your forum. An example (*unofficial recommendation) is,,,, etc.

    3. Yahoo probably also offers web hosting solutions.

    4. You can use our free software IMPEX to import your old forum data over to vBulletin. Check here to see if your old forum software is supported by impex:

    5. If you install something on yahoo and you do not put the files on your computer, then yahoo is the web server, not you.

    6. Again, no. vBulletin runs on any web server. Just get a hosting solution and upload vBulletin, run install and you have an online forum. Your computer is not required to run vBulletin.

    No, we are not frustrated at all. We are here to awnser all your questions. Don't feel shy and simply ask away! That's the best way to learn.

    Here's our manual for vBulletin:

    Quick summery for vBulletin: How do I get a vBulletin powered forum on the internet?

    First of all, you must get a hosting solution. For example a shared hosting package from companies such as or

    Optionally you can get a domain name, like
    Of course, use the name you wish. You can register domain names through

    Secondly, once you have a hosting solution you can go purchase vBulletin.
    You buy a license, then download it to your computer. Unpack the .zip file and point the config.php file to the database (your host can help you create one). Then you upload the files to the web server using an FTP program.

    Thirdly, once you have the hosting, the forum software purchased, unpacked and uploaded, you can go to the browser and load install.php
    This will guide you through some steps, which mainly means clicking a next button. And then you're done!

    Three simple steps to get a forum.
    - hosting & domain
    - buy vb and prepare it for installation
    - install vb and you're done!


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      and according to what I'm reading I'm in the part where I have to "upload the files to the web server using an FTP program" now I downloaded SmartFTP to do that (but I'm dead serious I know nothing on how I did everything to get to this spot and now that I opened the SmartFTP I'm like ) I dont know how to get anywhere from here I have no idea where I upload the files...I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO LOOK FOR THE FILES on this SmartFTP I figured with SmartFTP since its so smart it would do it by itself! JK you guys are awesome! thanx and DONT GO AWAY A MILLION MORE QUESTIONS TO COME!!! JK but I will have a few more! THAN YOU!!!


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        Check left column, it displays the recommended web server, php, mysql versions. Compare those against your hosting provider.

        I use FlashFXP on Windows to transfer files, SmartFTP will surely work too.


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          OK I've been doing it all and am still in the same spot! This thing is tough!


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            HERE IS WHAT I SEE!!!
            and I've tried what is recomended to do now...what to do? what to do? ummm....PANIC!!!



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              Thats a problem with your information and webhost, try contacting them.


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                In order to properly connect to your web host you will require the following details to be exactly correct, capitals characters matter!

                ftp host:
                ftp port:
                ftp user:
                ftp pass:

                Enter these in the appropriate connect dialog in the ftp client and establish a successful connection.


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