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Font problem: Help needed!

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  • Font problem: Help needed!

    The current postbit doesn't look the way I want. The font currently is Verdana, 8 pt. But somehow, the program on my computer ( for example, copy and paste on Microsoft Word ) shows that the font is Verdana, but 8,5 pt. I'd like to make it smaller, but the result would be the font too small, and I have no idea how to get in the middle. What I'm trying to reach, is to get the font as shown below of "Abandoned Royalty" and "Genetic Master" one font size smaller, because when I type in 7pt, it gets too small and unreadable.

    What am I supposed to do?! Please help me, I'd like to get an answer and move on.

    - Summer

    eta: Okay, here it is, the second postbit with the smaller font. Is it me or does it look itchy? Hope someone can understand me and help me out there because it is itchy to me, too many pixels to be shown.
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    As long as it looks as designed in the browser, it should not matter how it looks in Word. Plus, it would not surprise me that Word would revamp it to their needs as you move it from browser>clipboard>word.

    Nevertheless, stick to Verdana, as other fonts like genetic master do not exist on all systems (unlike Verdana)


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      Uhm that's not what I meant.

      Genetic Master is not a font, it's one of the usertitles I have right now on the postbit. Yet somehow, when you look closely, you see the small font in the second postbit actually is smaller than I wanted. Maybe it's just me, or the font sizes are not the way it should be.

      Let me be more clear, when I check other sites, so many sites of them, I see they're having a good size of font, yet mine seems to be forced to be small. Maybe I could look up any site and post their postbit, seeing that theirs look a tiny bit bigger than ours, yet it's the same size. How can it be? Why is looking our font size in the postbit so small compared to theirs? Too small for my liking, and 8pt is being too large. What should I do?


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        I am sorry, I got confused with the font names there for a bit. I see now it is the usertitle.

        Perhaps they are using PX (pixels) and you're using PT (points).