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Moderation of certain usergroups for create new thread only

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  • Moderation of certain usergroups for create new thread only

    Hi all

    When a registered member has been a member for 1 month and has made 5 posts, they are "promoted" to have an additional usergroup (say, "X") via a cron job that runs hourly.

    I want to moderate users to create "new threads" in a certain sub-forum(s), but only if they're NOT a member of the usergroup "X".

    That is, if a member is part of usergroup "X", they can create new threads in subforum(s) Y, replies etc without having their posts moderated.

    But if a member is NOT part of usergroup "X", if they post a new thread in subforum(s) Y, it has to be moderated first. However replies to existing threads need not be moderated.

    I'd be very appreciative if someone can explain how this is achieved.


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    Moderation of only threads for a single usergroup isn't possible. This would require custom code.

    We can't provide support for code modifications or boards running modified code. I recommend you search or ask for help with this on
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    Colin Frei

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      I'm looking for something similar, anyone find anything?