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IP conditional - Please help - Urgent

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  • Kusadasi-Guy
    Floris, Thank you for your help
    i found the solution to my problem.

    to better help for others, can you please change the title of the thread? So that people can easily find this.

    Problem: I wanted to show/hide somethings in my forum template to some visitors that using some specific ip addresses (include ip-a, ip-b, ip-c ..etc). For anytime, you may need this, e.g. for your ads or any message to specific ip addresses...

    Response to problem: You should include .php codes to your templates.

    Please read this useful thread: How to Include a PHP or HTML File

    and this is from

    Download: IPAddressSubnetSniffer.php from and
    add this snippet to the end of the code;
    PHP Code:
     $okay = array( "73""74.11""75.12.58""" );
    //type your own ip addresses, see i am doing somethings for 73.X.X.X., 74.11.X.X, 75.12.58.X and
    $ipsniff = new IPAddressSubnetSniffer$okay );
           if ( ! 
    $ipsniff->ip_is_allowed$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] ) ){
    //adsense code 
    echo "Your msg or html output goes here - Condition A" ;
    "Your msg or html output goes here - Condition B";

    save the file and upload into your forum home directory.

    As Feldon23 told in ;

    Create a Plug-in for global_start with these contents:

    $includedphp = ob_get_contents();

    and place $includedphp in one of your templates.

    Remember, this process will include a .php file into your templates. So Please use caution.

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  • Floris
    I tried $bbuserinfo[ip] & userid & host and $userinfo[ip] userid & host
    and they all returned empty.
    Perhaps this requires you to set a global_start php code plugin that gets the value and stores it into your own one and then use $myipvalue in the template with a condition.

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  • Kusadasi-Guy
    started a topic IP conditional - Please help - Urgent

    IP conditional - Please help - Urgent

    Please help me as this is urgent for me.

    Can i apply ip based conditional?

    for example;

    <- if ip = 99.99.99
    do this html


    do this html ->
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