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Setting up a private Mod / Admin forum.

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  • Setting up a private Mod / Admin forum.

    *edit* Nevermind I figured it out. Thank anyways. (A mod can delete this if need be)

    I've already made the forum.

    The problem is I can't seem to make it to where only the Super Mods / Admins can see it when they log in. Right now anybody can view it. I have tried fiddling iwth different permissions, dying everyone except the Admin / Super Mods. But nothing seems to work.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    (Just so we're clear, I this area of the board to be invisible. The category is "official stuff" and the forum is "Mod forum") This isn't something I want the regular users to even be aware exists.)

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    Glad to hear you've figured it out on your own! Let us know if you require further assistance.
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      found this for those who need the how to

      First, make a new forum via Admin CP > Forums and Moderators > Add New Forum.
      Next, go Admin CP > Forums and Moderators > Forum Permissions; move down to your new forum, and choose [Deny All].
      Then, go Admin CP > Usergroups > Add New Usergroup to create a new user group.
      Now go back to Admin CP > Forums and Moderators > Forum Permissions, and grant that newly created usergroup the permissions you want those with access to have.
      Finally, go and add that usergroup as secondary usergroup for those members that you'd want to have access to that forum.

      The forum will not be visible unless those users are logged in.
      The forum will throw no permission message for anyone who tries to go into it w/o permission.
      You won't need to give out special URL, because those with permission can see the forum as soon as they log in.
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