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EXIF Information Stripped From Images

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  • EXIF Information Stripped From Images

    By default I don't believe VB strips any EXIF info, it should leave the picture intact.

    No resizing is taking place as we limit uploads to 800px for all images types and have disabled thumbnails.

    But whenever a picture is attached to a forum thread for display, all EXIF information is removed.

    This is quite bad as we are a photography forum!

    We have checked php and recompiled it with EXIF support and also checked the options for GD engine.

    Does anyone have any ideas why the EXIF is being stripped from all attached images?

    I have checked the options and there doesn't seem to be anything relating to image meta data?

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    Stripping EXIF data is not something vBulletin does by design. You could try using Imagemagick to see if that keeps the image meta data?

    In the mean time I would suggest that you post this in the Bug Tracker so the dev's can look at implementing something to ensure the EXIF data is not stripped.


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      Any progress in this? I use vb 3.7.3 PL1 and it seems that the exif data of photos are not displayed neither

      Any help?


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        See post #2
        Kerry-Anne :)

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