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Another VBulletin User Hacked Our Site!

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  • Floris
    Gather up the info of the hack, check your access_log and error_log files and go to the police and report the person for unauthorized access to your server.

    Report the URL to and our piracy department will see if they have a license or not. The dispute is between you and that person, nothing else we can do to help on that front.

    In regards to your own forum. Make sure you went through our security steps in order to secure your forum as much as possible.

    Sticky: How To Make My Forums More Secure

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  • xezoro
    started a topic Another VBulletin User Hacked Our Site!

    Another VBulletin User Hacked Our Site!


    Today, hux, the owner of <URL removed> has hacked our site,, for using the name "revolution" in it, I believe that hacking is illegal and something should be done! I have screenshots of what he has done, and also, he uses VBulletin, who the hell knows if it's legal or not, but I have his IP and his internet provider Host, so if anyone could help me, that would be great.