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Yet Another Thread About Inability To Upload Files

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  • Yet Another Thread About Inability To Upload Files


    Read many hours through forums regarding problems respecting being unable to upload files (pictures for example into profiles) and getting similar errors that so many others have experienced.

    Running vb 3.6.5 on a server with PHP running in safe mode.

    Followed many suggested workaround/solutions to no avail with one exception and that was to go into admin/vb option/server settings and change the value of safe mode from yes to no and then was able to upload a picture at last.

    You would think given the many people who experience this problem. apparrent from the many posting on thia topic, that VB technical staff would provide a comprehensive listings of answers to this issue allowing installers to go though a check list to and find an answer to which is basically a simple problem.

    I am no expert respecting PHP hence I bought VB in preference to other FREE scripts as I felt that VB is safer, stable and very secure, and last but not least the support and forums here would assist me in a smooth install and setup.

    I am a little concerned that I am only able to upload pictures by giving the script mis-information regarding the PHP safe mode as NO when in fact my server is definitly in safe mode ON, as a newbie one suspects that there is in fact a problem with the script. Is this solution a safe solution ?

    I want to ask also where is the folder /tmp ? As I was unable to locate it to chmod it to 777. I already chmod class_upload.php to 777

    I created a /tmp folder chmod it to 777 and put it in the main forum directory as I was unsure where to actually place it, putting it in the main directory of the forums directory never worked for me as a solution.

    The only other issue regarding VB and pictures is the profile pictures:

    Profile Picture 100 * 100 pixels and 64kb ...fine

    Signature picture 500 * 100 pixels 2kb !!!! ...not fine

    Appreciate one would want pages loaded with many pictures as this would put great strain on the bandwidth etc, and also total MB volumes would be unecessarily high, but 2kb, even I had problems compressing even a 422 * 77 pixel jpeg 12.9 kb no where near to 2kb

    I reduced the image size to 211 * 39 = 4kb

    Then used JPEG compression software to reduce the size to 1.93 kb (51% compression)

    I am concerned that some end users would not be able to actually use signature pictures due to the quite severe size (KB not pixels) restrictions, and not many people own/use JPEG compression software.

    Went into the admin area to see if I could increase the 2kb to a more sensible size but could not find anything, only on the forums did I find anything close to a solution known as a PHP script hack !

    Any suggestions, comments and help appreciated

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    Hi the forum is a good place to get help however there is no assured response or fix, however if you open a ticket you do get a guarenteed response.

    best of luck with it.


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      Inability To Upload Files


      And thank you for your suggestion, I did submit as support query and got a response within 10 minutes, wow well impressed.

      Some answers given to above:

      Re: /tmp file

      Have to have root access to server to well access the /tmp file, as I don't then....well that's not an option for me.

      Re: Determining picture upload size then this can be done through the admin via:

      AdminCP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Edit Usergroup

      Easy when you know how eh ....

      Some answers were not forthcoming respecting the issue reagrding setting the PHP safe mode to 'NO' in the VB Admin CP even though my server PHP config is set to PHP Safe Mode '[email protected] (YES), and whether telling the script 'NO' is safe as regards the web sites security, I am not sure.

      Still wonder if this is as script error of sorts, but as a newbie well hope to get some reponse from some senior members in here to inform me, I'm a quick learner, sometimes a little slow (an oxymron I know) but get there in the end, so your patience appreciated.

      Thanks in advance


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        If you still have questions left, feel free to follow up on the Support Ticket.

        From a vBulletin point of view, there is no security difference between setting Safe Mode On or Off. It will be the server configuration that is leading in this.

        The permissions on the /tmp directory are usually only settable if you have root access. If you need to use this directory or a different one, will again depend on your server configuration. The server admin will have set a directory as Safe Mode temp directory.

        If you enable Public PHP-Info and provide the URL to your forum, then i might be able to give a better answer.

        To enable Public PHP-Info:

        AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> Server Settings and Optimization Options -> Public phpinfo() Display Enabled: Yes
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          From your phpinfo():

          upload_tmp_dir /upload_tmp

          Please set your vBulletin Options to:
          AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> Server Settings and Optimization Options

          Safe Mode Upload Enabled: Yes
          Safe Mode Temporary Directory: /upload_tmp
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            Unable To Upload Files


            Followed instructions and picture uploading failed with the error message

            Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid/gid is 1929/1929 is not allowed to access /upload_tmp owned by uid/gid 0/0 in /includes/class_upload.php on line 364

            Created folder /upload_tmp chmod 777 (after changing dir within vb admin cp first of course) both in forums main dir and also tried placing it with 'incudes' folder but niether works reverted back to previous settings which is to inform script that PHP is not in safe mode and again picture uploading worked again.

            Hope this info is useful for any further suggestions.

            Perhaps I may need to contact web hosting company for any info required to resolve this issue (, they are extremely helpful and I'm sure they would be most interested as they host some rather large web sites and surely many of them run VB on their servers.

            Any info required to 'ask' my hosting company would be appreciated

            Thanking you in advance


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              ...tried of course following instructions without creating folder

              upload_tmp_dir /upload_tmp




              .....created both folders (CHMOD to 777) in two locations all seperate times to see if that would work before posting previous post establishing that none of the options worked


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                I am having same issue.

                I moved to new server and im receiving below message when uploading a file.

                File system directory is not writable.
                My phpinfo shows that no upload_tmp_dir no value no value


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