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Some users problem viewing embed image

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  • Steve Machol
    Try logging in as one of these users to see if you have the same problem. If you don't, then the cause is somewhere on their end. It's impossible to know exactly what it is but some possibilities are: browsers, browser settings, Internet and security settings, ISP and/or cache issues, firewalls, ad-blockers, spyware, proxies and any other application that affects Internet content.

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  • paperthreads
    started a topic Some users problem viewing embed image

    Some users problem viewing embed image

    I just purchased and made my forum live with vBulletin. Yesterday, I updated a thread, with a new image in the thread using the [img] code. This image also has a url linked to it, where they can access a free download file.

    I have several members that aren't able to see the image at all, and therefore unable to get the free download. We have checked, and they have SHOW IMAGES enabled in their USERCP. I have requested they clear their cache, and still no such luck. 2 of them even tried using a different browser, and still no luck. The image just isn't there for them.

    (This is for a daily download that we are offering our members, and I am now being bombarded with requests to email the files to them directly! So I hope there is a fix to this, and that I just have a setting off somewhere)

    The problem is I can't see the problem, because I, and half my members, can see the links/images just fine!

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