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Bread Crumb where I want ?

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  • Bread Crumb where I want ?

    So I deleted the bread crumb from its usual navbar position because I have many other pages on the site that I didnt want it showing up on... NOW I want the bread crumb to show only in the forums, ideally NOT the forums index front page but inside each forum and post...

    Now, logic would dictate that I get the bread crumb code and simply paste it where I want it to show, is it that simple? And, if so; where should I be pasting the code.

    To simplify; I want the bread crumb to show ONLY when inside a forum and when inside a thread.
    As it stands, we are still beta; and before we launch we realised what a big part of the forums; the bread crumb is for navigation.

    Thank you!

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    The breadcrumb will only function in the navbar template. However, you can use conditionals to determine which pages it is shown on, and to just show your site name or other item, or indeed to not show at all, on the other pages.


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      Are you sure...?

      Bread crumb will ONLY work in the Navbar? I'm sure I've seen people put bread crumb in other places of the forum, like Im sure I've seen a forum with bread crumb at the bottom of the page as well as at the top!!

      Can anyone clarify

      Thank you.


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        The breadcrumb is initialized by the navbar. Without further information about exactly how and where you want it to be displayed it is impossible to advise accurately if it will work or not.


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          Thanks Kerry:

          If you could check out our forums.

          *you will see that the navbar is still there but I have simply gotten rid of the breadcrumb inside the navbar - what I really want is for the bread crumb to show at the top when someone is inside the forums and theads.

          Is this doable? Thanks..
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            Can anyone advise, pretty please


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              You will need to edit your forumdisplay and showthread templates to do this. However, due to your custom style I cannot provide further instruction on how to do this. You may wish to consider seeking help at with this.


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