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Do I need to upgrade to 3.6 ?

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  • Do I need to upgrade to 3.6 ?

    I purchased vbulletin 3.5 last april. So far I do not see any issues. Please correct me if I am wrong, we are allowed to upgrade to newer version within a year of the purchase date. My question is so far I do not have any issues. Any reasons I should upgrade to 3.6 ? Any security enhancements or any new features that would justify my putting time on upgrade ?

    thanks a lot.

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    You should upgrade to either 3.5.7 or 3.6.4 to ensure that any security issues with older versions are resolved.
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      Upgraded and results look good. I like the new avatar adding section in UserCP. But it would be nice if vbulletin comes with some preloaded avatars for users to choose from like 10 to 50 avatars in avatar directory.



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        No Avatars

        I have just purchased a forum and a vBulletin licence but have no avatars

        I'm not sure what I'm doing yet and have problems with messing with my cpanel licence however i can get into admincp on my forum and have had a request for avatars from a user.

        I naively assumed there would be default avatars but as I see from this thread there aren't any.

        Where should I get them from and do I need to upload them to my server when cpanel is working or can I upload direct to the cpadmin panel?



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          There are no default avatars. What most people do is enable custom avatars in the usergroup permissions and allow members to upload their own.
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            You can download avatars, and set from