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    Auto assign


    I like my method better and it's easier as I have the same problem with all car, bikes & boat brands.

    All entered brands are ordered alphabetically as the new entered values are auto assigned with 99999

    This way the order is alphabetically unless i enter for some boards a number like 1 or 10. then it will show


    Works great...

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  • Steve Machol
    Yes, it's best to leave at least 10 numbers between display settings in order to more easily allow for changes like this without having to redo everything.

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  • Pic32
    started a topic Display Order question

    Display Order question

    My board has five subforum, each of which has several subforums of its own. Additionally, every one of these has its own style because each has a different graphic in its header.

    When I set it up I set the display order as follows (in order to keep the sub-sub forums alphabetical):

    SubForum 1: 100
    SubSubForum1: 101
    SubSubForum1: 102
    SubSubForum1: 103
    SubForum 2: 200
    SubSubForum1: 201
    SubSubForum1: 202
    SubSubForum1: 203

    And so forth. I use the same numbers in by the Forum and Style Managers.

    Problem is, I now need to add a new forum and it's likely there will be more to add in the future. I also need to keep them alphabetical. With these increments of 1 I foolishly devised, there's no way to insert a forum between, say, 201 and 202.

    The only solution I can think of is to add a zero to the ends of all of my forums so that it will look like this:

    SubForum 1: 1000
    SubSubForum1: 1010
    SubSubForum1: 1020
    SubSubForum1: 1030

    allowing me to place 1011 between 1010 and 1020.

    My questions:

    1) Is there a better way to do this?
    2) If not and I go ahead with my renumbering plan, how can I do this without disrupting my ongoing forum? Rememer I have to insert and renumber both styles and forums. Can I do all this without screwing up what's online now?

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