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Change date and author of a post ?

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  • Colin F
    You'd have to manually edit this data in the post thread of the database.

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  • dizzy99
    started a topic Change date and author of a post ?

    Change date and author of a post ?

    I know it seems a weird question but i've successfully migrated from Drupal to Vbulletin but we lost 600+ posts.

    Now i'm not suggesting that i'm going to manually port each one across, no sir, but there are some we really could do with.

    For instance annonymous posts went AWOL and i would like to repost them in my name then change them to the posters name (who has now signed up), changing the date and author of the post so it fits back in the thread its missing from.

    Is there anyway to do this ?

    I Don't plan on running impex again as we have had to manually edit over 4,000 posts and users (due to using TinyMCE and having a bunch of code and line breaks left in posts) but would like to bring a few over to stop the fragmentation of posts.

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