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404 and other errors after restoring backup

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  • Steve Machol
    I have responded to your support ticket but unfortunately I'm having as much trouble understanding this issue on that ticket as I do in this thread. Please follow-up in that ticket.

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    started a topic 404 and other errors after restoring backup

    404 and other errors after restoring backup

    Dear vBulletin Support,

    I've tried to copy a vBulletin forum from to (for which I bought a new licence) and then changed the configfile for the new database however, I did not notice that the file was not uploaded as the permissions after copying were wrong. So I then upgraded the forum and started pruning threads and after that noticed that the original forum was affected by it (members submitting emails).

    Before I started the pruning, I made a manual backup via PHPMyAdmin and there is a 1 day backup from my host available also. I've first restored that 1 day backup wich works fine, however, all work I did last night was then lost (internet banking system, online marketplace etc., a lot of work) So I tried to restore my manual backup, but that resulted into a 404. When I then try to login to the adminpanel it has no phrases and right now even no styles. And when I use tools.php to rebuild the datastore caches it will result into difrent errors caused by plugins.

    I hope you are able to help me fast!

    Best Regards,
    Jan Jaap

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