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Thread creation date column?

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  • Thread creation date column?

    I am baffled that showing a column with the thread creation date is not a part of the stock vBulletin, or at least an option.

    Showing the thread creation date is really useful: just because someone responded to a thread doesn't make a thread relevant... some have sought to solve this issue with hacks that warn something like "hey, this is a very old thread". Viewing the creation date would spare a lot of confusion.

    Searched and found a number of hacks (especially one by Ocean), but they are all outdated and didn't work with current 3.6.4 version.

    Does anybody know how to add a column showing thread creation date?

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    This is not possible without modifying the code. You will need to request an updated version at if one does not already exist.
    Kerry-Anne :)

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