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Special guest, own posts NOT moderated & cant see moderation que?

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  • Special guest, own posts NOT moderated & cant see moderation que?

    I have special VIP guests doing one month Q & A sessions at my site.

    The threads & post always have to be moderated:

    a) So as not to bombard the guest with hundreds of questions at once
    b) To hold back any impolite comments that might chase the VIP away

    I do the moderating and select what gets published.

    How can I set it up so the following happens:

    1) VIP guest and other members see only the questions & posts I have approved
    2) VIP guest's posts are automatically published, not held back for approval

    I just want to avoid confusion for the VIP what to respond to.. I don't want him responding to any posts or threads that are not pre approved by myself..The last VIP was confused by the small green unapproved icons.. cause I couldnt figure out how to set it up and hide those from their view.. I dont want to burden the VIP's with the hassle of moderating threads & posts, I will do that for them.

    Do I have to make up a custom user group?

    Thanks very much, as usual!

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    You will need to use a new usergroup for this. When you set it up, simply set their permissions to Forum Forum Moderation Rules and they will be able to post freely. Moderated posts are only visible to moderators of that forum and administrators.
    Kerry-Anne :)

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