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User Rank File Path problem

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  • User Rank File Path problem

    The user rank images are not showing on my board, although they show up fine in the AdminCP. Yes, I have tried updating counters under maintenance, serveral times, and still the image ranks are missing on the board

    The user rank file path specified in AdminCP is this:


    The above path is correct, and the image rank does show fine on the AdminCP, but on the forums it doesn't (I see a little empty square with a red cross inside, indicating the image was not found in the path specified).

    When I check the path for the missing image on the board, it is this:

    The above path is wrong, because the forum's location is, so the correct full path to the image is:

    Since the /forum/ level is missing, I tried entering forum/images/ranks/moderator.gif as the User Rank File Path, but then after saving I get an error saying 'invalid path specified'. I also tried entering the full path , and once again I got an error message 'invalid path specified'.

    I tried updating all the counters under maintenance, several times, and still the image rank path is wrong on the board, and the error is still there even when using the default theme. I have no plugins at all, nothing that could interfere with image path.

    How can I fix this?
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    Try changing this:


    To this:


    Note the lack of the preceeding /.
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      Thanks Steve, that did it.

      [Man, I should have come and ask here sooner, I squeezed my brain for days over this .]


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