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Problem with Attachment permissions

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  • Problem with Attachment permissions

    I've tried to set up just one forum section for viewers to post photos direct from their computers. (in all other sections, attachments are not allowed for registered users)

    In the photo section, I've got attachments upload and download = yes for registered users. Img code is On for that particular forum.

    However, whilst registered users can upload the images ok using manage attachments, when viewed, they just get a box that they can click to view the image. But, if I log-on as an administrator, I can view the image in the thread itself.

    What permission do I still need to give to registered users to allow them to view the images within the thread itself.

    This problem is the same if you use the 'insert images' icon to download images that are already online somewhere - I can view the images in the thread as an administrator, but I can't if I login as a registered user.

    That registered usergroup had download and upload attachments = yes. They have those permissions set in the Forum Permissions for that forum. I've set the View Attached Images Inline option to yes in the vbulletin option > manage attachements area.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    OK - one of my users has worked it out. Users also have to set the option to view images in their User Control Panel (via Edit Options > tick the Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code) box.)


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