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Quick reply and Quick edit doesn't work

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  • Quick reply and Quick edit doesn't work

    I newly installed vbulletin to my forum. It is vanilla vbulletin, new database, new installation and no mod or hacks.

    In the forum, when I try to post with quick reply, or edit a post with quick edit, the message box looks like loading with the progress image, but to no end.
    It doesn't send the message. Just waits like that.

    Normal post reply, new thread or edit options works successfuly and fast. But not the quick ones.

    Did I screwed at a point? Or need to tweak some options?

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    Go to your

    AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> General Settings -> Disable AJAX Features

    Set this to Disable Problematic AJAX Features
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      thank you very much


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        That sounds like a quick fix and I just did it and it works but how do you fix it so that all the Ajax features work?


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          Originally posted by madkeen View Post

          That sounds like a quick fix and I just did it and it works but how do you fix it so that all the Ajax features work?
          I've tested it, and its to do with non-English characters. For example: and (means "section" apparently. Appears in US law texts and so on my site) It works without them, fails with them.

          AJAX is run on Javascript which is pants. I don't think it can handle these characters and so falls over when it encounters them.

          (Disclaimer: I am not suggesting you do this, and its hypothetical. I haven't tried it and it could cause other probs!) The only possible fix I can think of (other than disabling the problematic AJAX setting), is to find the code that handles the AJAX (plugin using the AJAX_start maybe?) and (pre-Javascript) programatically replace the chars like and replace with safe chars like e, with B, etc. Also you can filter out non-language character sets like (or replace them with HTML entities if one exists). However, changing the characters could alter the meaning of a word, although i'm guessing they'd still understand what the author is trying to say. Or, you could force a full-edit window if it detects a forbidden character. Seems like a lot of work, but in theory, should work. The replacement variable manager doesn't work as it only kicks in after Javascript fails to implement the AJAX command with the forbidden character.

          Hope that helps.
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