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  • Resizing forum errors

    i am having some problems with my resized forums. default width is 800px, problem can be put into these two coming examples.

    example 1
    See the first post for "Dracos" out of forum margin for no apparent reason, also how can i make it obligatory for images to auto resize if they exceed 800 in width?! i already created an image resizing tag, but i want to make it auto resized within the forum margins if possible

    example 2
    same thing with example 2. but with all post #3 not in a specific thread as the first example.
    Also when i try to register/log in, the "welcome Nickname box" appears out of the 800px of the forums margin. was thinking of a screen shot, but i guess it is understandable enough through words + example 2.
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    -Clearing out my Attic- Lots more to come as I discover it-
    Please read and understand:
    All Prices include Shipping via USPS with DC unless stated UPS
    Priority, First Class or Parcel Post - At my choice,depending on price difference most items ship Priority but no guarantees
    All prices are negotiable/OBO, if you don't like the price PM me an offer, worst I can say is no...
    Heat (52-0-0) id: dracos
    Email: dracos_unlimited [at]

    Easiest and fastest way to get a hold of me is email, also I have this stuff listed on Anand and Hard, so email me for availability...

    -I have Ebay and Amazon selling Refs as well if need be...
    -Will ship to worldwide, you pay extra shipping costs, and for how fast you want it delivered.
    -Paypal non-cc and Postal money orders only accepted
    -Most items are new condition with boxes etc, pics and further details are available upon request, PM or email me your email addy and I will send pics and info. Everything is tested and works before it ships.
    -I will not ship first, I will cross ship and cross trade.

    THE only things I am looking for in trade right now are:
    WTTF: Decibel Meter- but must be able to measure below 15db

    WTTF: PHYSX Card
    WTTF: Socket 775 mobo, ddr1 ram support, pcie slot micro ATX format
    WTTF: broken ipods, must actually work but prefer the lcd to be broken, battery dead/dying
    -Will trade multiple items for what is on my want list....

    Here's a Panorama shot of one wall in my attic, yes you can click it to see a larger (2048x768) picture...:

    Power Tech Power Supply 200Watt Model: wk-6200dl3n1b ($8 Shipped)
    G-Cooler Liquid CPU Cooler P4 478/xp/K8 ($18 Shipped)
    Corsair CWC100-1004 North Bridge Water Block ($30 Shipped)
    This all copper NB block is compatible with any 3/8” (Inner diameter) water cooling system and includes all the brackets and hardware to install. (yes it is used, but it comes with retail box and all accessories)
    Frozen CPU Link: HERE
    Corsair CWC100-1003 GPU Water Block ($30 Shipped)
    GPU Water Block (ALL ATi and nVidia Graphics cards)
    This all copper GPU water block is compatible with any 3/8” ID (Inner diameter) water cooling system, includes all the brackets and hardware to install and is compatible with all ATi and nVidia (including 6800 series) graphics cards! (yes used, comes iwth retail box and all accessories)
    Frozen CPU LINK: HERE
    TAKE BOTH Corsair blocks for $50 Shipped!
    mCubed - T-Balancer miniNG ($30 Shipped)
    Technical data:
    Dimensions: 60x50x16mm
    Weight: 95g
    max. consumption: 10A
    Combined power: 100W (PWM)/25W (analogue)
    power per channel: 50W (PWM)/20W (analogue)
    Mfg Link: HERE
    Seagate BigFoot Hard Drive IDE 8-GIGS ($8 shipped)
    Please note this is the 5 1/4" size drive (It's heavy) PENDING TO: Tech_Pro
    Sumbeam Tuniq2 (black) ($50 Shipped UPS)
    Apevia/Aspire X-Discovery (black with blue lighting/side window) ($55 Shipped UPS)
    Antec NSK6500 $65 shipped
    Crucial/Micron 64Mb PC100 CL3 (MT8LSDT864AG-10CD2) ($6 Shipped)
    Samsung PC2700 512MB Stick CL 2.5 ($40 Shipped)
    Slot 1 Intel Pentium II 350MHz 100MHz 512KB (80523PY350512PE SL2U4) (heatsink etc still attached) ($8 Shipped)
    Intel Celeron Processor 2.60 GHz (Skt:478) ($40 Shipped)
    Processor type Intel Celeron
    Part number BX80532RC2600B
    Package 478-pin FC-PGA2
    Socket/Slot type Socket 478
    Processor speed (MHz) 2600
    Bus speed (MHz) 400
    Clock multiplier 26
    L2 cache size (KB) 128
    Manufacturing technology (micron) 0.13
    Core voltage (V) 1.25 - 1.525
    Case/Junction temperature (°C) 72
    Core stepping C1
    CPUID 0F27h
    This can be used in laptop with Skt 478, I was going to put in my Dell, but mobo only supports up to 2.0Ghz
    Also, this CPU was NEVER overclocked, pulled from family computer used for little kids games, email, school work etc.
    FIC VC37 Motherboard Socket 478 ($30 Shipped)
    -Working Pull- with I/O Panel
    Intel® Northwood Up to 3.06G
    Celeron up to 2.8G
    Prescott 2.8G and up
    Hyper-Threading support
    Intel: 400/533 MHz FSB
    Intel 845GL/GV
    Intel® ICH4
    PM/Email me for Full Specs, this is Micro ATX format, pulled from E-Machines PC
    STB Velocity Nvidia Riva 128ZX AGP ($8 Shipped)
    SAMSUNG SC-140 CD-ROM Drive - IDE ($9 Shipped)
    Drive speed: 18x to 40x
    Mfg Date: Nov 1999
    Acer 620a017 CD-ROM Drive - IDE ($9 Shipped)
    Drive Speed: 20x
    MFG Date: Sept 1997
    Panasonic SR 8582 - DVD-ROM drive - IDE ($10 Shipped)
    (Gateway Branded)
    Drive Speed: 20x(cd)/2x(dvd)
    MFG Date: July 1998
    Logitech Cordless Desktop S 510 Limited Edition (with Multimedia Remote and Logitech Multimedia Center Software)
    Price: $60 shipped
    Used maybe a month, Mint condition - I thought I had the box but cannot find it , have everything else, manuals, cd's etc. all accessories etc, needs batteries
    NewEgg Link to Standard keyboard and mouse, same as this one but the combo I am selling also includes the media remote ($99.99 original Price when available for purchase)
    NewEgg LINK to standard keyboard and mouse, the combo with remote is not sold anymore as it was a limited run - PM me your email for pics
    Dual (12-inch) UV Cold Cathodes ($10 Shipped)
    2 CCFL with Inverter, no switch needed, Molex Power
    -Blacklight-purple color-
    Single 12-inch UV Cold Cathode ($10 Shipped)
    Single 80mm Round UV Cold Cathode
    ----with Plexi Frame for fan mounting
    -with inverter
    60" Cables ($5 each Shipped) (Sealed in Packs)
    1 Each - Type A male to Type A female
    1 Each - Type A male to Type A male
    2 Each - Type A male to Type B male
    2 Each - Cat5e Network Cable
    Vizo Shuttle 2.5" HDD portable enclosure ($12 shipped) (in box)
    -Note-missing carry case
    Logitech Quick Cam Express ($12 Shipped)
    Works great- good entry level webcam

    NEW Sealed, VHS Tape: Bubba Ho-Tep ($7 shipped)
    - Awesome movie! Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead, Army of Darkness etc
    Sony XR-CA300C Car Cassette Deck ($35 shipped)
    180 Watt High-Power Cassette Receiver with Detachable Faceplate, SSIR-EX Tuner, 18FM and 12AM Presets, Best Tuning Memory, Permalloy
    Tape Head, Automatic Tuner Activation, Bass/Treble, Color Display, Tape Transport, CD Text, MD Titling, 45W x 4 Channels, Preamp
    Output, D-Bass with Auto Level Adjust. Sound Position Presets
    If you buy the Sony Cassette deck I'll throw in the 12-band EQ for free
    Pyramid 1201GC 12-Band Car Equalizer
    NOTES: of course they are used, have the case for the front panel. Pulled from my last car that I got rid of, has been sitting ever since, great little stereo.. the manual is available freely online..
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      1. This would require modification to either the resizer that you are using or your forums. Try asking at for help with this.

      2. This is normal behaviour as showing a single post does not involve all the other templates used in vBulletin and therefore has not width requirements.
      Kerry-Anne :)

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        1- i'll copy and paste what the user said here to see if this will will affect the forums or not if you'd allow me to.
        2- ok, what templates should i be editing for this not to appear like that again?!

        EDITED: i edited the previous post
        i see now this is common, sorry for this, will look more into a hack or something.


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          1. This is caused by the ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- line. To fix that, edit this setting:
          AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> Thread Display Options (showthread) -> Number of Characters Before Wrapping Text
          2. Not sure what you mean by this.

          Edit: bah, way too late, just had this still open, sorry.
          Best Regards
          Colin Frei

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            Actually ..

            1 - actually when using IE/Explorer everything is fine but when using firefox "which i would suggest you to try to see this specific page we are discussing this issue in" the border error i am talking about is appearing clearly.

            2- was asking if there is a template that i could edit somewhere to make the number 2 problem disappear?!

            screen shots Firefox & Explorer
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              any ideas is there a way to fix this?


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                This is not a template issue, it is purely an issue with the way in which different browsers work. The only way to resolve this problem is to change the setting that Colin has mentioned.
                Kerry-Anne :)

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                  Just a Question

                  Originally posted by Kerry-Anne View Post
                  This is not a template issue, it is purely an issue with the way in which different browsers work. The only way to resolve this problem is to change the setting that Colin has mentioned.
                  Yeah i know that, but i was asking for how to match the firefox standards as well regarding this issue in templates.

                  Anyway, thanks for clearing this up. Though i need to ask one question, when i set new character limit to 40, the post wasn't affected at all, will this be resolved only in new posts?!

                  Thanks in advance.

                  Clearly setting new number of characters is not working for firefox, it just cannot identify the newline mark that explorer identifies when the single word stream is exceeding the line character limit.
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