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  • Problem with favicons

    I created a favicon for my forum 1, put it in public html, but the favicon didn't go there, it went to forum 2, which was also in public html.
    Now i am stuck with the wrong favicon. I created another favicon for forum 2 , and did ovewrite yesterday, but the wrong favicon is still sitting there.
    How do i get rid of all of them, i don't want them anymore.

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    that's what browsers will be putting in their location for any page from that site.

    So if you have 2 forums installed, they will both use that.

    If forum a on account a has icon a
    and forum b on account b has icon b

    but the browser shows the wrong one, it is an internet explorer browser and this issue is very old. it has poor way of showing the right icon.


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      How do i get rid of them, i don't want them anymore, since they sit in the wrong places.

      All my forums are on the same account, it's one public html for all of them.


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        remove the favicon

        I read on this site you need to cashe something in order to get rid of favicons, i just want to remove them, since i am only allowed 1 per html, and i have several forums on the same html.

        Please tell me what can i do to remove the favicon.


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