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  • Vb install

    Is it possible to install vb to local host?
    Right now I`m creating a new theme for my forum and re-upload images every time I change some graphics.

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    Of course.

    Have you got Apache web server (or IIS), PHP scripting, and MySQL database engine installed on your computer?

    If not, and you're on a Windows machine, you'll want WAMP or XAMPP which are both one-click-install for all 3 of those programs.


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      no I don`t.
      and it is my first time for creating localhost
      I am running winXpHome Edition. What is the best for me?
      I have just downloaded the XAMPP 1.5.5


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        I know of no up-to-date FAQ on installing Apache/PHP/MySQL on Windows.

        If I go here:
        it takes me here:
        which takes me here:
        which is a FIVE year old thread on how to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL manually on Windows.

        There's a newer thread here:
        but it's still manually installing all these pieces and configuring them to work together.

        I did a search for XAMPP and find no "how to" threads here on I guess it's that easy!!