Default User Settings in Admin area?

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  • evoir
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    • Apr 2000
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    Default User Settings in Admin area?

    For whatever reason, my client is insisting that I set up user accounts for each person (about 200) in the organization, and I have to do it from the admin area, because I must also set up complex permissions on each account. So, I find myself having to check little boxes here and there in EVERY account. Kind of sucks. is there a way to create a different default settings for Browsing Options and Time Options? (Time zone) in the admin area?
    Is there a file I can edit somewhere that when I create a new user, these are deafaulting in the configuration that I need? If so, how do I edit the file?
  • Steve Machol
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    Try this:

    How To Set Defaults for New and Existing Users
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    • feldon23
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      I think you will find this article very useful:

      It allows you to create users via an external PHP script.

      You could setup all the options exactly how you want and batch create users this way.


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