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Not your average POST request whitelist question.

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  • Not your average POST request whitelist question.

    This will probably be answered pretty quick..

    I am in process of moving my board to my new VPS from a shared hosting environment.

    The domain name I am currently using will eventually FORWARD to my new domain name on the vps. I restored my database to the new server, and copied all files over, and of course edited my config.php file. Now when I try to log in, the login process on the new VPS is still forwarding me to the OLD domain to login. Giving me the dreaded "In order to accept POST request originating from this domain, the admin must add this domain to the whitelist". I know I can change that information in the admin control panel, but I can't login. What table is that information stored in so I can manually change it??


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    It sounds like you have some code and settings that still point to the old domain. Fill out a support ticket at:

    Please include a complete description of the problem and be sure to include the login info to your Admin CP, phpMyAdmin and FTP in the 'Sensitive Data' field.
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      Actually. I got to log in...

      I forwarded my old domain to the new one. That allowed me to log in, then I changed the general settings to the new url, and set the new directory for attachments and were all good to go..



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