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Can't seem to stay logged in since upgrade

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  • Can't seem to stay logged in since upgrade

    I am Elena--site owner of Myra is my webmaster and programmer. She may need to come back here to deal with this instead of me as she is the technical genius.

    But as the problem is happening to me personally, I will explain what I know.

    I click on the "remember me" box but then have to log back in every time I come back. My browser is Safari. Safari is not capturing the two userid and password cookies that are required for one to remain logged in. I am having the problem on all of my home computers and also on my work computer--all running Safari. I have tried clearing out my cookies and starting over. I have tried resetting my cookie settings. Nothing helps.

    I have only been having this problem since the upgrade, which we performed just last week. Problem started at that exact same time.

    I have checked Firefox and that browser captures the two cookies just fine. At work I only have Safari and Firefox. Interestingly, Warner Brothers Studios does not allow Internet Explorer on any of the computers on the lot because of the security issues with that browser.

    I have Netscape and Explorer at home and can check those browsers tonight when I get home from work.

    This is only happening to me with our site. When I sign in here or on, Safari captures the userid and password cookies just fine.

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    Since it only happens for you on your forum, this is probably due to a customization of some kind. I recommend systematically removing any customizations until the problem goes away. Try to reproduce the problem on the default style and files with no plugins.


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      I'm having the same problem on my forum as well.

      I've tracked it down to some sort of incompatibility with "HttpOnly" cookies. When I hacked on one of the vBulletin files so that bbuserid and bbpassword aren't sent as "HttpOnly", my Safari users are now able to stay logged in.

      This seems to be the same kind of problem that had been seen with Internet Explorer on the Mac and I guess it's showing up in some situations with Safari as well.


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        HTTP only cookies are fairly new. I am not sure what kind of client / server support is required for them to work.


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          I noticed from some Google searching that it seems that the current Firefox series (well, not 1.x anyway) doesn't support HttpOnly, so I wouldn't have seen any problem at all from my browser.

          It would be nice if there were a configuration setting to enable whether HttpOnly cookies are used since it'd be easier to disable that way rather than hacking on the PHP file in several places.


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            I didn't have any problem with Firefox. Just Safari. My webmaster made the modification that you suggested and that seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks!


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              I was just coming here to thank you myself Daghis! This is Myra, the webmaster.

              Thanks so much!


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                i've got exactly the same issue with my co admin, we both use mac/safari and i stay logged in but she gets logged out, OS / browser set-ups are identical and if i use firefox on her mac i stay logged in.

                what is the php code fix for this please?


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                  Take a look at this bug for the appropriate fix. It's working great on my forum.


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                    Originally posted by Daghis View Post
                    Take a look at this bug for the appropriate fix. It's working great on my forum.
                    yeah thanks but a little over my head is there a nice and easy step by step guide to doing this please?