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  • User Infraction System

    The new system looks highly capable - so capable in fact that it feels a bit "daunting". I'd like to use it because my moderators spend too much time conversing over infractions and what to do about them now. This system could clean up a lot of private moderator posts and keep them doing what they want to be doing = moderating and contributing to the content on the site. I am wondering if anyone has published a sample implementation of the infraction system or discussed some ideas for defining a collection of meaningful groups. I see the abstract tool, I am trying to wrap my head around a pragmatic implementation.

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    It is basically a tiered system, where users can climb through the negative ranks to achieve more and more strict punishments as determined by the permissions of the infraction group. The exact implementation depends on what punishments you want to impose, and what offenses you want to be infractible.

    I don't know of any examples of an implementation.


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      User Infraction - Are you using it yet?

      Thank Jake - Yes I understand the overview and I like the system design. I am looking for help on the creative side - not on so much on what to ding for - I think we all have that down and the 4 pre-populated levels are a good start. I am looking for ideas on what to take away, how many points to weight, a plan for infraction groups etc. I would surmise the scenarios to be rather similar among many if not most forums.

      I am curious to ask - How many people are already using the new Infraction System? Has a poll been posted for this yet?


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        When setting up the different offenses, just ask yourself how many of that offense should be required to achieve each rank. If 10 points are required to reach the first infraction group, and you want people to achieve that infraction group after 2 spams, then you would setup the "spam" offense to add 5 points.


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          Cumulative Design Challenge

          A user can have multiple infraction groups as they will gain all groups that apply to their primary usergroupid that have a point total less than or equal to their accumulated points.
          The challenge I have with my design effort is that I want to revoke variant privileges based on the infraction instead of on cumulative points. For instance, if we get SPAM I want to moderate that users posts and shut off signatures. If we get inappropriate image uploads I want to moderate uploads and deny Custom Avatars. If someone pisses on another member in a post I want to moderate their posts and take away self edit/delete to keep that person from covering tracks. If someone is accused of abuse in email or PM I want to shut off that priv. But I don't want to cumulatively apply all these changes based on a cumulative score that is indifferent to the infraction committed. Further, if a person abuses the same infraction multiple times I may want to ban on that basis.

          It seems that as "bad" users progress on their path toward banning they they all go through the same revocation of privileges which may or may not have anything to do with their infractions. Or am I missing something critical to my understanding of this system? Perhaps there is another means to achieve my intention?

          Thanks again.


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            You are understanding it correctly. Offenses = points, and points = infractions. You can't create different types of points, per se.


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              I came across this post by searching for "infraction examples". I too, would like to see more examples of infractions. I know exactly what the OP is asking!


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