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Image verification with ImageMagick CAPTCHA not working

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    And they cannot upgrade to a stable version of IM 6 ?


    • #17 host 190,000 sites on FreeBSD. So an upgrade of any software is a big job for them. Obviously they could upgrade if they wanted to. But clearly it is cheaper for them not to. Which isn't very helpful of them.

      So I had a bit of a go trying to compile the IM V6 source code package myself on their servers, but got the usual Unix problems of missing header files, undocumented dependences, wrong libraries, lack of permissions, different directory structures, incompatibilities between the various versions of the
      dependences, etc...

      We have found other way to block the bots now in any case. So the IM captcha isn't so important to get working anymore.


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        And? Hopefully not on one server, upgrading ImageMAgick to a new stable shouldn't be that big of an issue to do on one server.


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          I'm with also. But I have two of their QuickServe dedicated servers, and had them install the latest IM on each without issue.
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            ...upgrading ImageMAgick to a new stable shouldn't be that big of an issue to do on one server.
            Correct. It shouldn't be. But it is. We are on their high volume plan but we still share a server with a couple of other users. And they force a 'standard' configuration on all shared hosting. And at the moment the standard config is IM V5.5.7. which appears to be incompatibile with VB.

            Of course we could move to a new hosting company. But pair have the advantage of being super stable (servers that only get rebooted every 200+ days, ~30min downtime per year, etc..).

            If we really really did need to get it work at Pair. We would install a copy of the current FreeBSD release on a local machine under a Windows virtual machine, re-compile IM V6 with static libraries then put them back on our shared host. But this is a lot of work. Or we could upgrade to a dedicated server.


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