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  • google adsense + first post

    i integrated successfully to the forums, the google adsense hack after the first post, problem is, whenever a user is checking a private msg, after the first msg there is google adsense, which is not annoying yet.

    the annoying part, that i limited my forums to 800x600, when the user is in the private msg section, the google ad is extending out the page range i configured, causing ur eyes to bleed.

    what modification should i ad to separate the ad appearance on the forums from the one in the private msgs section?! what should i add to the code, i mean the "if condition" to prevent the ads from appearing on the private page? or may be appear in different size "which would be best"

    thanks in advance
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    This is not something we can control, the banner code is that wide, it won't wrap so it will expand. Pick a different adsense code that's not as wide is the only solution i can think of, besides making the forum wider.

    To just display it on showthread.php you can put the code you already inserted inside this conditional:

    <if condition="THIS_SCRIPT == 'showthread'">
    adsense hack here


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      thanks a million, this solved it.


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        Glad I could help - and thanks for letting me know it worked. Good luck with your forum!


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          Thanks, I had the same problem and fixed it.


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